• Instrument platform
  • In 2000, based on the key laboratory instrument section of Peking University Health Science Center, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Analysis Laboratory was established and managed by the State Key Laboratory. Equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, the Laboratory has set up a systematic test and evaluation platform for pharmaceutical research, including NMR test platform, mass spectrometry platform, drug screening platform, bioassay platform, chemical test platform, ADMET evaluation platform and drug design platform, which have been the basis of a comprehensive platform for innovative drug research and development in Peking University. The large-scale instruments and equipment in the laboratory are open to the researchers inside and outside the university, to provide hardware support for the new drug-related research in China. In modern pharmaceutical sciences research, instrumental facilities are critical to the level and quality of research. In order to maintain the prosperous development of the State Key Laboratory of Natural and Biomimetic Drugs, to meet the demands of scientific research and education, to better realize its developmental goals, the Laboratory has completed the innovation and supplementation of its instruments and facilities. Under the support of special fund for instruments and facilities in the State Key Laboratory (facility updating funds for passing three evaluation of State Key Laboratory), 211 Project by Ministry of Education and special fund for instruments and facilities of 985 Project, the Laboratory is now equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and equipment, including: 600M NMR, automated robotic workstation for drug screening, ABI 3200 QTRAP LC/MS/MS, 7.0 T Brucker Qq-FTMS, ABI MDS SCIEX API/QSTAR LC-MS, Finnigan TRACE 2000 GC-MS, AVANCE III 400M NMR, JASCO J-810 CD-type dispersive spectrometer, Vario EL III elemental analyzer, Thermo Nicolet Nexus 470 FT-IR spectrometer, Varian Cary Eclipse time-delayed fluorescence spectrometer, Varian Cary 300 time-delayed UV-vis spectrometer, Analytic/semi-preparative Varian ProStar 210 HPLC, Analytic Varian ProStar 230 HPLC and Zetasizer Nano S nano-particle size and absolute molecular weight analyzer, BIACORE3000 SPR, Beckman Coulter capillary electrophoresis, as well as some older instruments, such as Varian INOVA-500 NMR, JEOL AL-300 NMR, Bruker ESP-300 wave electron spin resonance spectrometer, etc. Altogether, the laboratory has 25 large-scale scientific instruments with a total value of about 100 million RMB. The Laboratory has set up a technology platform for pharmaceutical analysis and test, which has realized scientific, reasonable, intensive and sharing resource use and met the needs of pharmaceutical education, research and external service. Furthermore, applications of the instruments have developed from simple detection to the study of reaction kinetics, interaction of small molecule and bio-macromolecule and computer-assisted drug design. None of the instruments has ever failed in any metrology accreditation. 300MHz and 400MHz NMR are open for all postgraduates. It satisfies the needs of both our staff and researchers from other institutions.  
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